January 6 Project Changes Name to North Carolina Voter Project


Raleigh, NC – The NC January 6 Project Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on promoting voter education, registration and voting rights, announced today that it has changed its name to the North Carolina Voter Project.

“We are excited to announce the name change to the North Carolina Voter Project,” said the Executive Director, Ryan Byrley. “As we continue our work to protect democracy and promote fair and accessible voting processes, we believe this new name better reflects our commitment to the people of North Carolina.”

The North Carolina Voter Project is dedicated to ensuring that every eligible voter has access to the tools and resources needed to participate in our democratic process. This includes advocating for voting rights legislation, promoting voter registration and education, and providing support to underrepresented communities.

“Our mission remains the same, and we will continue to work tirelessly to protect democracy and promote free, fair, and accessible voting for all North Carolinians,” said Ryan.

The North Carolina Voter Project is a nonpartisan organization, committed to working with policymakers and communities from all backgrounds to achieve its goals. The organization also partners with local and national organizations to support voter engagement efforts throughout the state.

For more information about the North Carolina Voter Project and its mission, visit www.ncvoterproject.org.


Ryan Byrley

Executive Director

North Carolina Voter Project

Email: ryan@ncvoterproject.org

Phone: 919.213.0433

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